Frequently Asked Questions

1. My dog is part of the family. Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome with the following restrictions: limit of one dog, which must weigh less than 12 kg (26 lbs) per suite. We do require that you register each pet with the Head Concierge. It will be your responsibility to ensure that your pet does not become a nuisance for your neighbours.

2. Do suites come with lockers?

No, but ensuite storage is remarkably generous. 160 Frederick has a very limited number of lockers that require an annual rental fee. If you are interested in renting a locker, please speak with our Head Concierge.

3. I like to entertain. Tell me about visitor parking.

Compared to many new buildings, 160 Frederick is well equipped with visitor parking on Level One of the underground parking garage. The concierge assigns a space to each guest on an availability basis. We suggest you advise the front desk if you’re expecting company.

4. I prefer to have neighbours who take an owner’s pride in their building. What percentage of suites at 160 Frederick are owner-occupied?

Owners currently occupy more than 80 percent of the suites and this figure doesn’t change much from year to year.

5. I don’t drive. How convenient is 160 Frederick to public transit?

You’re looking at the right address—with 10 minutes’ walk to the King subway station and a mere two minutes from the King streetcar or the Sherbourne bus. You can buy pretty much anything you need within a few blocks of home. For more information, visit the Neighbourhood page of this site.

6. We always go south for the winter. How secure will our suite be in our absence?

You’ll have no worries, thanks to our 24/7 concierge staff. All we ask is that you notify our property manager of your absence and emergency instructions. No one will be admitted to your suite while you’re away without your written permission.

7. We often host grandchildren for the weekend and like to keep them busy. Are there kid-friendly activities close by?

As close as a few floors away—160 Frederick has an indoor pool. The Young People’s Theatre is directly across the street. We’re also walking distance from the Hockey Hall of Fame, Sugar Beach and Sherbourne Common. Skateboarders won’t want to miss Underpass Park, also close by. For more ideas, check out the Neighbourhood page of this site.

8. How old is the building and what steps does management take to maintain it?

Built in 1983, 160 Frederick is in immaculate condition. Recent renovations include the corridors, pool and hot tub, the fitness centre and the exterior brickwork. A stable Board of Directors keeps a close eye on the operating budget and the reserve fund. Both are in very solid shape.

9. What type of heating/cooling system is used in the building?

Each unit has its own heat pump so that you control the temperature of your home.

10. I’m interested in serving on the Board of Directors. What qualifications does the Board look for and what kind of commitment is expected?

Board members bring a wide range of professional backgrounds to their volunteer service at 160 Frederick—everything from law, finance and medicine to social service and teaching. What they share is a commitment to the physical and financial security of our home. The Board meets monthly, with additional meetings scheduled as warranted by community issues and special projects. Elections to the Board take place every June at the Annual General Meeting. But you don’t have to wait until then to get involved with one of our special projects. Our Property Manager will be pleased to connect you with the Board.